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8 Ways To Increase The Security Level Of Your Gmail Account

8 Ways To Increase The Security Level Of Your Gmail Account


There’s no doubt that Gmail is the most popular mail service and also no doubt behind the fact that most people still take the security of their password for granted. Although Google has powered Gmail with remarkable security features, there are lesser people taking advantage of those and protecting their accounts.

Imagine if one day your password gets hacked! There can be so many things stolen from your account such as confidential information, contacts, schedules, bank details and worse that the hackers can send mails posing as you. It would be a nightmare! When Google is giving you ways to secure your account by a higher level, there should be no reason stopping you from doing it. Here are different ways which can be adopted in an easy manner to up the security level of your Gmail account:

Never forget the URL

If you ever see a gmail login add or side bar on any website, maintain distance from it! Because it is nothing but a malicious link which looks exactly like gmail but with a different url and the hackers can steal your password in minutes as soon as you log in. The fake login page is embedded with malicious codes. Always type in www.gmail.com to log into your gmail account.

Never tell your password to anyone

Would you tell the pin number of your ATM card to anyone or the password of your credit card? No, right? Then treat your mail box as no less than them. Do not tell your password to anyone under any condition however close the person may be to you. Only if you think there is a real emergency situation when you can’t access your mail and have to ask someone to open it for you, and then only tell it. And when you do change your password that very day.

Install anti-virus in your pc

It is not an option but in fact a necessity! Web pages today are filled with fishy links and scam mails. Clicking on them even by mistake and closing them within seconds can invite many troubles. You may not see the direct relation here but of course if the security of your pc is compromised, hacking your mail account would be just a few days away. Get protection from viruses and identity thefts by installing anti-virus in your computer today itself. If you don’t have one, purchase it online easily. You might find these shopclues coupons present on CashKaro.com useful as they will lower your bill by offering you good discounts.

Use the 2step verification process

Surely you have been reminded by Google to use it again and again to build the security of your mail account but you keep ignoring it. You feel that it is a lengthy process but the truth is that it is not. All you have to do is visit the setup page and follow the instructions listed there diligently. After setting it up, they will ask for a code sent to your phone whenever you have to access your mail account. You can also create application access password for specific ones. If you access mail via your phone frequently, ensure that your phone is also protected from various thefts and viruses. Do not wait anymore.  Kasper mobile security anti-virus is considered to be among the best ones. And the best thing is that you can avail it at discounted prices by using Snapdeal coupons via CashKaro.com.

Enable HTTPS Security option

Visit the settings in your gmail account> Click on “General” tab> Enable the option “HTTPS security option” and done! How easy was that? Don’t forget to save. This simple trick can do wonders in saving you from fishy activities. Enabling this option will protect your account by a secure protocol which does encrypted communication. Do not leave any trailed path for the hackers to gain access to your account.

The power of duos

There are two options in your gmail account settings which you must take into power i.e. Grant access to your account and mark conversation as read when opened by others. Go to settings> Account and imports and check if there is any other account added alongside “Grant access to your account”. Plus enable the other option so that you know that somebody has forged into your account and hasn’t changed your password. Remedial actions can be taken thereafter immediately to restore the security of your account.

Keep account activity in check

To make use of this feature, you must possess a good memory. You must have seen this message upon logging into your gmail account> Last account activity: _ minutes ago; click on the “detail” which will give you access to location, date, country and browser used for signing into your gmail account. If you find anything suspicious, change your password instantly and along with that the security questions also after changing it.

The art of answering security questions

Security questions are there for a reason. To provide an extra layer of protection to your account and it is your duty to answer your selected questions tactfully and not easily. Never churn out obvious answers which can be guessed by your friends or relatives. Yes! It’s a sad story but the truth is that betrayal often comes from loved ones. Never place blind faith in anyone in matters in sensitive matters like these or you may have to regret it later. Be unpredictable and ensure that you remember your answers properly lest they become a problem for you only.

Hope these 8 easy ways help you secure your Gmail account. If you are still just staring, stop and login to your gmail account and make use of these easy steps. For sure these steps will take some time but a little time compared to the time you will spend later on to retrieve your password from hackers. And it would be no less than a war!

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