26 Jan

How to register a Twitter App

In this tutorial you will learn how to register a Twitter app to get started with developing Twitter apps.

1. Visit twitter apps website https://apps.twitter.com and login with your Twitter account.
Twitter Apps console

2. Click on the “Create New App button” and fill out a simple form as shown below.

register for a twitter app

Form fields explained:

  • Name: Name of your app, it should be unique i.e no one should have used that name earlier to create a Twitter app.
  • Description: A brief description of what your app does, don’t worry about it as you can also change it later.
  • Website: Here you have to specify link of the website where you will be using your app, if you are developing you app locally on your system then put followed by the path of your app directory. Note: Do not add localhost as it will not be accepted by Twitter.
  • Callback URL: You can leave this field blank if you want but if you want users to login from your app then provide the link of page where user will be redirected after they have authenticate to use your app.Now just check and agree to developer agreement and click the “Create your Twitter application” button .Note: You may be  prompted with an error “You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application” . This is now mandatory to create a Twitter app. So, go and update your mobile number in you account.

3. Choose what type of access your application needs

Twitter app access typeBy default your app has read only access permissions, if you want to change that then select the one you need and click on “Update settings” button.

4. Note down your application’s Consumer key and Secret.

Thats it, you have successfully registered your Twitter app. Now, get started to develop your first Twitter App.

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